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In South Carolina, robbery is a violent crime that can result in serious penalties if convicted. If a person is found guilty of such a crime, they could spend decades of their life behind bars. At AnneMarie Odom Law, our legal team prioritizes you and working to provide the best defense possible to our clients.

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Robbery Charges in South Carolina

Robbery is the illegal act of taking personal property either directly from a person or within their immediate presence. The difference between this and general theft crimes is that robbery entails the use of force or otherwise the threat of force. Robbery charges in South Carolina can be categorized as either armed robbery or what is called “strong arm robbery.”

Armed Robbery vs. Strong Armed Robbery

The main difference between armed robbery and strong armed robbery is that armed robbery involves a deadly weapon, while strong arm robbery does not. According to South Carolina Code § 16-11-330, armed robbery is a felony offense in which the perpetrator uses an object that may be reasonably believed as a deadly weapon. This might be an actual deadly weapon, such as a gun or knife or an object that is made to resemble a deadly weapon, such as a toy gun. Those charged with armed robbery in South Carolina will face a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 10 years and a maximum sentence of 30 years.

Strong armed robbery, on the other hand, may also be called common law robbery in South Carolina. This crime occurs when the suspect steals money or property with threats and intimidation, but not with a deadly weapon. Because a deadly weapon is generally not involved in strong-armed robbery, it is considered a lesser offense than that of armed robbery. Strong armed robbery is also a felony charge carrying up to 15 years in prison.

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Types of Robbery and Other Related Charges

In order to fully understand robbery, you must know how it differs from all the other types of robbery and theft charges. Some of these charges are considered violent crimes, while others aren’t. Listed below are all the other different types of theft.

  • Burglary involves breaking and entering into another person’s property in order to commit a criminal offense. In South Carolina, burglary is categorized into First Degree, Second Degree (Violent and Non-Violent) and Third Degree.
  • Attempted Robbery is just how it sounds. A suspect may try to steal something, with or without actual force, but ultimately fails to do so. All that must be proven for this charge is that the intention to commit a robbery was there.
  • Larceny entails a variety of theft crimes. Unlike robbery charges, it is a type of theft that doesn’t involve violence or the threat of force. Shoplifting and pickpocketing are examples of larceny.
  • Shoplifting occurs when someone goes into a store or establishment and takes some item of value without paying for it. This can happen if the individual conceals the item or passes all points of sale without making proper payment.

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