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If you find yourself facing federal criminal charges, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the differences between state criminal proceedings and federal criminal proceedings. The many distinctions between cases at the state and federal levels include how prosecutors can approach the case and what consequences you may face if convicted. Additionally, federal cases are often far more complex than state proceedings, which requires the assistance of someone with the knowledge, skill, and experience it takes to practice federal law.

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Because federal criminal cases are so complicated, it is critical that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. A qualified federal lawyer like AnneMarie Odom can help defend you against the charges you are facing and fight for you in court to protect your rights. Call (864) 775-5833 right away to speak with a qualified South Carolina federal criminal lawyer about your case.

What is a Federal Crime?

Federal law, like state law, specifies a wide range of criminal offenses and their corresponding punishments. The difference is that these crimes are ones that specifically violate U.S. federal laws, which means the criminal penalties for such crimes are typically much harsher. 

Crimes that violate federal law might include offenses that take place on federal property, involve federal officers, cross state lines, or otherwise involve fraud, deception, or misrepresentations made to the United States government.

Common Federal Crimes

Some of the more common types of federal crimes we see here at AnneMarie Odom Law include the following:

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What is a Federal Lawyer?

A state criminal defense attorney and a federal criminal defense attorney are very different. Although there are many excellent criminal defense lawyers out there, only a small portion of them have experience practicing in federal court. The laws governing federal charges are frequently much more complicated than those governing state ones, and the stakes are also much higher. That is why it is vital that you have an attorney who is well-versed in federal criminal law present at your hearings to act as your advocate and go-between during federal agent interrogations

Is a Felony a Federal Crime?

Just like an offense at the state level, a federal crime can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. As such, a federal offense is not always a felony. Alternatively, a felony is not always a federal crime. It simply depends on the type of crime and whether it falls under the jurisdiction of the federal or state government. 

Who Prosecutes Federal Crimes?

When you are charged with a federal offense, your case will be prosecuted by an Assistant United States Attorney in front of a federal judge. Your initial appearance in federal court will be held in front of a Federal Magistrate Judge. This judge decides whether or not to grant a bond to the accused or whether they will be detained in jail pending resolution of the charges. Each federal case in the District of South Carolina is assigned to a District Court Judge who will preside over all other matters. The District Court Judge is who ultimately hands down a sentence after a plea or trial.

South Carolina Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

Why You Need a Federal Criminal Lawyer

The federal court system has its own unique set of procedures that must be strictly adhered to and not all criminal defense attorneys are qualified to handle them. What’s more, federal violations almost always entail significantly higher penalties than state-level charges and can result in a lengthier jail sentence, heftier fines, and the loss of the ability to work in certain vocations. That is why hiring an experienced federal criminal defense attorney—who is not only qualified to practice at the state level but also at the federal level—is vital to the outcome of your case.

AnneMarie Odom is a leading federal criminal defense lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina with experience in both state and federal criminal cases.

She understands the subtleties of federal court laws and standards, ensuring that your case is not hampered by procedural errors. She has built strong relationships with the attorneys, probation agents, and others who are part of the federal court system in South Carolina and is ready to prepare a strong defense to any federal accusations levied against you by the government.

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AnneMarie Odom has handled numerous federal cases in the District of South Carolina and understands the way the system works. Contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney by calling AnneMarie Odom Law to book a consultation and explore your options if you or someone you care about is the subject of a federal investigation or has already been arrested for a federal offense. You can reach us at (864) 775-5833 or fill out our online intake form to get started.


Contact the Greenville federal criminal defense attorneys at AnneMarie Odom Law to book a consultation and explore your options if you or someone you care about is the subject of a federal investigation or has already been arrested for a federal offense.

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